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My Passion for Cooking and Eating #3

I find dining whether in a restaurant, at a friend’s or at home as a complete sensory experience.  When it is done right, it will be a memorable event that one talks about for years. If it was done wrong, it could destroy the whole evening and damage a reputation.  Dining encompasses many of the theatrical elements involved in putting on a performance; there is the conceptual developmental stage in the kitchen, to the presentation on the floor, along with the company that partakes in the sharing of the food. We all want to experience the ‘wow’ factor when we eat as a form of entertainment. The participation of a fine meal with good wine should be approached as a festivity. One must respect not only the act of cooking itself but also the ingredients used to create a dish such as the meats, the produce, the herbs, and of course the spices. Good quality fresh products are essential to a fantastic meal. Food is essential to sustaining life therefore it should respected, savoured and celebrated to its’ fullest potential. Good eating is equivalent to passionately loving and respecting life and people. The ritual of sharing a meal as a cook or with friends is one of the most important acts of communication and appreciation. Feeding someone is fundamentally an act of love.

My passion for cooking and eating #2

My international travels as a dancer has allowed me to taste some of the culinary offerings the world has to offer. One of the most memorable tours was when I travelled to San Sebastien, Spain in between show dates.  My palette could not get enough of the fine culinary creations in this small Basque city situated just south of France. With its’ fine affordable but great eating establishments, pinxos (tapas), wine, and beaches, I could only equate my time in San Sebastien as heaven on earth. I can still taste the beautiful ocean in every bite of the mussels that we tossed back with the vast amounts of wine and cider chasing down our throats. We were  in a little hole in the wall of a eating establishment that was jammed packed with happy noisy people standing in a sea of shells from the discarded mussels… it was pure hedonistic pleasure.

My passion about the cooking and eating of food #1

I love anything that has to do with food! Everything from the conceptual stages of planning and preparation, to the actual cooking, and of course the ritual of sharing a meal are passions of mine. The tasting and eating of food are some of the most sensual and pleasurable acts one can possibly do in their lives. When I cook for others, I feel as if it is like putting on a show, and for the past twenty years as a dancer and choreographer, I certainly do enjoy putting on great performances. It excites me to try out new recipes, to experiment on ideas, and to create possibilities or combinations (some experiments are less successful then others, nevertheless taking chances is part of striving for greatness). The potential for creativity, discovery and imagination are driving me towards the idea of cooking for a living. All types of cuisine inspire me whether it is European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, or American (Latin and North America). If a meal is made with imaginative intelligence and especially love, then it is all good to me!

Foodie cooking weekend!

Had a fun weekend of cooking and entertaining for my friends. We had a great surprise BBQ for my friend’s birthday on Saturday where I invited about 15 people to attend, of course 20 arrived along with their kids!!!!  It was hectic but I managed to feed everyone properly and happily. Made burgers, lamb, sausages, vegie burgers, hotdogs for the kids, grilled marinated courgettes, and a special mashed potato which was in my opinion was ma pièce de la resistance! (loads of great stuff such as garlic, butter, and bacon)  mmmm bacon….

Yesterday for some friends hanging and playing music in my apartment for the weekend, I made one of my favorites, Hainan Chicken. Eat was easy and so tasty. For dinner I made a risotto with shitake mushrooms, carrots, courgetts and would you believe cheddar cheese and surprisingly it turned out fucking beautifully. In the middle of preparing the risotto, I had to run to my friend Lucie’s place for some cheese as I realized that I had no more parmasean cheese in the fridge.  Since she only had cheddar, I had no choice but to take what was available and try it. Using the broth that I made for the Hainan Chicken, the risotto, was as good as any that I have tasted anywhere in the world. Believe you me, I have eaten risotto everywhere. This may come as a surprise but damn, it was good… real good.