Ongoing dilemmas of disconnect in contemporary dance

Internet technology can be a solution to contemporary dance’s continuous dilemma of disconnect and its constant inability to develop and sustain audience . This art form is abstract, challenging, and at times intimidatingly intellectual therefore the difficulty to attract a mass public should not be surprising. Often choreographers, funding bodies, presenters, dancers, academics and critics are just perpetuating this problem. We are a a very contradictory group who wants to be recognized but refuses to acknowledge the fact some of the work that is produced are not going to attract a mass public; this is the reality of our art form. It doesn’t mean that one has to create in order to ‘please’ the viewer unless that is the main goal of the work. With as much integrity as possible, my personal role as an artist is the need to comment or communicate a way of seeing the world and to challenge the public with this viewpoint. This does not mean abandoning my responsibility to the viewer but it just calls for a desire to achieve a deeper sense of quality and innovation. Sometimes that could have a reverse affect as I try to challenge myself and others in seeing things differently. These are the chances we must take when we call ourselves artists or we might as well be in the ‘arts and crafts’ category. Continue reading Ongoing dilemmas of disconnect in contemporary dance