Cultivate Idealism: Don’t be like “Mike”

Idealism is something that must be cherished and encouraged in all aspects of life whether it is in art or simply in the art of living. Optimism gives a sense of curiosity and curiosity nourishes a need to live. Hope is something that drives us, keeps us going, keeps us happy, and it is the element that keeps us alive. The fight mechanism in us to survive kicks in when there is any inkling of possibility, we will not stop until we achieve it or exhaust all means in trying. Nevertheless, as an ‘adult’ there is a danger of being trapped in our maturity thus we tend to forget about the ‘youthful’ idealism that once had us hunger for life and for an amazing future. For me the notion ‘older but wiser’ is not necessarily true and it may actually be the opposite. Not to say that the youth are the wiser, it is just we become more cautious and we seem to be on a preparation for death as we become older. We often lose that sense of adventure and risk taking that makes us learn. We just learn to be fearful as we get older. Fearful of mistakes and fearful of living. We become pessimistic or perhaps defeated as time passes. Once we’ve given up on the notion of trying then the world just seems so much bleaker and ridiculously meaningless. I believe that we are here on this earth to achieve one thing… to figure out who the hell that we are as individuals. One of the meanings of our existence is (whether it is ‘God’ or whatever) to make the best of why we are here. The buddhist philosophy of finding nirvana is finding ourselves or finding the ‘god’ within you. What is our potential? What is it to be me? Not what it is to be like ‘Mike’ but to be uniquely about who “I” am. Now that is a scary place for the majority of the population because that means taking responsibility of yourself, your own actions, and in turn of others. To discover oneself also translates to idealism. There is a desire to be. To be is not to just exist. To be is to be productive, ambitious, creative, and idealistic in everything that is good. So dream and continue to pursue that dream. Peace