Elections – Canadian

So here we go again, gearing up for another election in Canada. Now, the question is does one vote for the best possible candidate or does one vote strategically? I am hoping somehow that there will be a positive outcome (that means Harper and the Conservatives lose this election) but I’m becoming more and more pessimistic. Not sure why this country is leading towards such a right wing direction. How could we as Canadians continue to allow a government with an agenda that has been so closely allied with George W. Bush and not respond negatively? Has he not set an example of incompetence and war mongering already?Not saying the other parties or leaders are that much better but why are continuing down a path of greed and destruction with Stephen Harper. His cuts in culture are absolutely horrible. He might say that his government has increased arts spending yet this is because he has lumped other social programs that were cut into an already unstable arts budget. They are not telling the whole truth so don’t let them fool you again!

Many of us has asked ourselves how was it possible that America voted Bush in for a second term when we appear to be heading on the same path with the Tories?

Lets be smart and vote him out!

New Le Groupe Dance Lab blog-site is here www.legroupe.org

Hey y’all. Get ready to check out the new Blog site for Le Groupe Dance Lab on September 10th (Hopefully). We’re going through some adjustments and I’m sure will continue to do so once it is up. Each process the choreographer will be blogging about their creative process at the Lab. The dancers and the monitor will also be posting their experience so you will have the perspective from on all sides. We are going to feature video footage of the creative work being done as well as video interviews of the participants. It is going to be an experiment and I hope you will comment on the stuff that you will be seeing and reading. I find that getting an insight of a choreographers’ physical and creative mindset helps in understanding and appreciating work. It is going to be intriguing stuff!!!  We’re making this site as interactive as possible and will welcome your opinions and commentaries on the dance experiments that is happening on-site.