The Closed Mind

When one is so in love with one’s own odor, one can’t perceive or recognize the stink that is imposed on others. Sometimes when an idea is clear in ones head, it does not mean that the idea is clear for others. Often the conceptual does not reflect the reality of the product.  Never assume the obvious and never disrespect the intelligence of your audience.


I realize that I am a ‘Foodie’. Just addicted to anything that talks about eating and cooking. Can’t get enough of it on t.v., books, podcasts, and websites. It is food porn and I can’t seem to free myself from this addiction. Find myself working on recipes and talking about what works and doesn’t work about a meal. What is going on? I think it is a sign….

Dancing in the Parc

Been in the studio working as a dancer with Louise Bédard. Will be performing tomorrow night at Le Theatre la Verdure in Parc Lafontaine, Montréal. An open outdoor theatre will be a wonderful setting for a night out in this city.  I’ll be one of the old guys on stage jumping up and down. Come see us and tell me if I still have the chops or not to be dancing… and yes be honest. Whether you like the work or not, it is me that I’m interested about. (just kidding)

Summer has finally arrived (August 13th), it has been a long time coming. However fall is just around the corner and that is coming in faster than I want it to. There is just so much to do and yet there is not enough time or money to do it.  Doing some research on future projects and ideas. All is a stage of unknown at the moment. Ahh how to control it all.

Tell me how!