A rant!

Just a little rant – perhaps non-sensical but needed to blow off some steam. Well it has been a while since I’ve written as I have been dealing with so many things in my life. Even with the crazy and challenging events going on, I have to keep it all in perspective. As long as I can follow the path of compassion, justice, reason, and respect, the answers will fall into place. Of course patience and the limitations of tolerance are factors that will determine the amount of time and effort that will be invested in a project. The ‘fight or flight’ analogy is the key factor for the survival of any species and I have to consider this. However what is it with self-preservation that makes people so bloody blinded and greedy? What is wrong with people and their short-term need for self-satisfaction without considering the consequences? Why is it when the inevitable consequences arrive, people start crying injustice? Not saying that we should not make the best bed for ourselves but we should also consider it to be sustainable. Lets make some sacrifices people! We can’t just live in this world thinking only of ourselves anymore. For the survival of the world, organization, projects, or of our personal being – we must weigh the long-term benefits and consequences, then make RIGHT choices for all. Fuck the self-centre bull-shitness people and wake the fuck up or no one survives!!!

peace out