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Love Montreal!

While walking around just recently, I had a sudden realization of how much love I have for Montreal (my adopted home for the last 17 years! – nuts). This city is remarkable with all of its history, politics, architecture, and language issues. It truly is the most fascinating, contradictory, passionate, artistic, and sexy place in North America… and it is where I call home! My neighbourhood is a melting pot of nations, styles, incomes, and professions. There is an incredible Montrealer and Quebecers pride that one doesn’t find anywhere else in Canada. The people are as diverse as they are the same. They are beautiful, ugly. pleasant. rude, aggressive. fun but not apathetic to their beliefs. Aesthetics, politics, and lifestyles may differ however the majority of us sing, scream, laugh, dance, drink, and fuck with all of their souls! Now that is what I call the spirit of living – Nous sommes vraiment les Bons Vivants. I am proud and happy to be part of and to share this wonderful place with my fantastic friends, family and fellow Montréalers!


Winter and dance

Wow it sure has been a cold winter. There has been so much snow here in Montreal this year! The weirdest thing is that it really doesn’t bother me this time. I’ve learned to perhaps like the fact that winter is a wonderful thing. Of course it is the duration of the season here that really annoys me. By the time April arrives, I know that I will be cursing the cold weather. There is a huge season of creating and developing coming up. Really looking forward to working on the Dancemakers company in Toronto! I don’t know any of them except for Kate Hilliard, so this should be a real adventure.  Have tons of images and ideas in my head that I want to try on them. Can’t wait to work them out on those guys in February.