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Entering the Twilight Zone

For some strange reason my trip back to my hometown this time around was like starring in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  I was literally in a time warp witnessing life rapidly advanced before my very eyes – suddenly transported  or pushed into the future. In fact my flight was more of a time travel that brought me years ahead into the future rather than being my simple annual visit to see my family. Everyone that I have had a chance to see here has in some form physically changed from the last time I’ve encountered them. How could this have happened so quickly and how have I’ve never ever noticed it before? Within a span of two years, everyone and everything has physically gone through a noticeable aging process which means that I too must have aged dramatically in the eyes of others… and that sudden realization has hit me hard. I am no longer the person who I thought I was while instead I’ve become myself in the future. That means that I too must have grown up and have become older…. much older. Why is this so shocking? I guess I’ve always continued to view myself and everyone else around me as the youthful, energetic, starry-eyed, idealistic 20 year olds. Now does that mean that I should wake up a face reality? The aging process is sometimes still a surprising reality for me. I have subconsciously tried to ignore it but obviously can no longer avoid it.

summer is here montréal

Summer has arrived in my  incredibly wonderful  city of Montreal! Here in the Mile-End Plateau, the council seems to be doing an fantastic job in turning the quartier to an eco-conscious, sustainable, and truly livable paradise. More bike lanes, reduction in traffic, larger sidewalks, green spaces, planting of trees, plant distribution and public farmers markets are progressively brought to our neighbourhood. What is best is that most of my friends live within walking or biking distance… pretty lucky stuff I would say.

I will soon be having a little break from my culinary classes for July. I have to say that I am looking forward to taking some time away from school and the kitchen to rejuvenate myself for the next session. Will be doing a stage at l’Hotel W in August for the Banquet course for two weeks. It will be good to actually work in the field rather than in the class room. This last week at school has been a bit arduous. Everyone seems to be burning out a little and the passion or care by my fellow students and the instructors themselves seems to be wading thin these days.  We are all looking forward to getting away from one another. Visiting my family in Vancouver soon! Can’t wait.

Another stupid cut.

Damn, I just cut myself again! What the hell is going on? It never ever happens and it only occurs when I’m wiping my blade clean – not from actual cutting or slicing. Really ridiculous because it is getting stupid. I’m not even in school today!

Off to do more juliennes, allumettes, batonettes, and tournés with my bandaged wounds. Gotta keep on practicing.

Had a great day off as I went to see Avatar with my friends. Outstanding!

Will keep you all up to date.

Elections – Canadian

So here we go again, gearing up for another election in Canada. Now, the question is does one vote for the best possible candidate or does one vote strategically? I am hoping somehow that there will be a positive outcome (that means Harper and the Conservatives lose this election) but I’m becoming more and more pessimistic. Not sure why this country is leading towards such a right wing direction. How could we as Canadians continue to allow a government with an agenda that has been so closely allied with George W. Bush and not respond negatively? Has he not set an example of incompetence and war mongering already?Not saying the other parties or leaders are that much better but why are continuing down a path of greed and destruction with Stephen Harper. His cuts in culture are absolutely horrible. He might say that his government has increased arts spending yet this is because he has lumped other social programs that were cut into an already unstable arts budget. They are not telling the whole truth so don’t let them fool you again!

Many of us has asked ourselves how was it possible that America voted Bush in for a second term when we appear to be heading on the same path with the Tories?

Lets be smart and vote him out!

A rant!

Just a little rant – perhaps non-sensical but needed to blow off some steam. Well it has been a while since I’ve written as I have been dealing with so many things in my life. Even with the crazy and challenging events going on, I have to keep it all in perspective. As long as I can follow the path of compassion, justice, reason, and respect, the answers will fall into place. Of course patience and the limitations of tolerance are factors that will determine the amount of time and effort that will be invested in a project. The ‘fight or flight’ analogy is the key factor for the survival of any species and I have to consider this. However what is it with self-preservation that makes people so bloody blinded and greedy? What is wrong with people and their short-term need for self-satisfaction without considering the consequences? Why is it when the inevitable consequences arrive, people start crying injustice? Not saying that we should not make the best bed for ourselves but we should also consider it to be sustainable. Lets make some sacrifices people! We can’t just live in this world thinking only of ourselves anymore. For the survival of the world, organization, projects, or of our personal being – we must weigh the long-term benefits and consequences, then make RIGHT choices for all. Fuck the self-centre bull-shitness people and wake the fuck up or no one survives!!!

peace out

Cultivate Idealism: Don’t be like “Mike”

Idealism is something that must be cherished and encouraged in all aspects of life whether it is in art or simply in the art of living. Optimism gives a sense of curiosity and curiosity nourishes a need to live. Hope is something that drives us, keeps us going, keeps us happy, and it is the element that keeps us alive. The fight mechanism in us to survive kicks in when there is any inkling of possibility, we will not stop until we achieve it or exhaust all means in trying. Nevertheless, as an ‘adult’ there is a danger of being trapped in our maturity thus we tend to forget about the ‘youthful’ idealism that once had us hunger for life and for an amazing future. For me the notion ‘older but wiser’ is not necessarily true and it may actually be the opposite. Not to say that the youth are the wiser, it is just we become more cautious and we seem to be on a preparation for death as we become older. We often lose that sense of adventure and risk taking that makes us learn. We just learn to be fearful as we get older. Fearful of mistakes and fearful of living. We become pessimistic or perhaps defeated as time passes. Once we’ve given up on the notion of trying then the world just seems so much bleaker and ridiculously meaningless. I believe that we are here on this earth to achieve one thing… to figure out who the hell that we are as individuals. One of the meanings of our existence is (whether it is ‘God’ or whatever) to make the best of why we are here. The buddhist philosophy of finding nirvana is finding ourselves or finding the ‘god’ within you. What is our potential? What is it to be me? Not what it is to be like ‘Mike’ but to be uniquely about who “I” am. Now that is a scary place for the majority of the population because that means taking responsibility of yourself, your own actions, and in turn of others. To discover oneself also translates to idealism. There is a desire to be. To be is not to just exist. To be is to be productive, ambitious, creative, and idealistic in everything that is good. So dream and continue to pursue that dream. Peace

No More Access

Well that free wi-fi in the building just got blocked therefore can’t get access to my internet in my Ottawa apartment – damn. It was just so handy to work on my Macbook with the free internet but now I have to do everything at work. No longer can I write on the blog, check and write emails, research ideas, organizations, ichat, send items etc. in the comforts of my little tiny apartment. It was just so bloody convenient but now… sadly it is no longer made available to me. It just doesn’t make sense to write this blog at work because there are just so many things to take care of at the studio. Anyways, there is nothing that I can do about it but to just accept the situation and to go search for free wi-fi in cafés around the city . Selfish bastards! (just kidding) In fact I don’t blame them for blocking their router as I probably would do the same thing in order to block them freeloaders.