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Dancing with Ken again

Dancing with Ken again.

Dancing with Ken again

It has been a while since i’ve blogged. Been neglectful in posting about what it is on my mind lately. Since the New Year, I’ve been traveling quite a bit to Europe on various dance tours as a dancer, and as a rehearsal director/artistic director on tour. In fact just came back a week ago dancing with Louise Bédard Danse on her piece Enfin Vous Zestes. It was an honor to have re-perform this piece as an hommage to our dear friend and colleague Ken Roy who passed away recently. The last time that I danced this piece with Ken over 2 years ago, I never realized that it would have been the last time we were to share a stage together. On this tour, with the spectacular Bernard Martin as his replacement, I felt his presence with us. The whole team lived a beautiful moment together. It was fun and meaningful, as life should always be.

The Whirlwind Dance Tour to Vancouver with LBD

Dancing in Vancouver with Louise Bédard Danse came and went so quickly that it seemed almost surreal.  Learning the piece in 4 days and then performing it on stage was brilliant fun. Nothing like greasing the chains, jumping back on the bicycle seat and riding as fast as you can. The short whirlwind tour and contract was filled with challenging situations. After a great premier on Thursday March 12, 2009 at the Roundhouse Theatre, the next day JF Diesel woke up with a bad back. We couldn’t get into the theatre until 4:00 so the company had to go into overdrive to redo and learn parts by 6:00.  I learnt a few of JF’s roles in that two hour period as well as did the other dancers (Ken Roy, Victoria May, Marie Claire Forté, and Sarah Williams). JF was to able dance certain parts but much of it had to be modified in order to accommodate his injury. Poor Louise, she was sick with a cold, had to hire me as a last minute replacement and then had to deal with yet another stress. As pros, the shows went off quite well in spite of the last minute changes. In our perspective, we performed with integrity and danced strongly. I’m sure Louise saw it differently as the piece on stage was not  the work that she had envisioned; it was compromised but the ‘show must go on’.  The public however never noticed. In fact the piece was very well received and the reviews were glowing for Louise’s Enfin Vous Zestes. 

My body was a little sore after the week and a half of work as a dancer. I think the plane ride back during the red-eye was worse on my body. Couldn’t believe an overnight flight back to Montreal would be so crowded plus my window seat couldn’t recline because I sat beside the emergency exit door. Try comfortably sleeping in a tight upright position – not.