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Remember Not To Forget: Résidence du Création /Creative Residency au Studio 303 Le 13 juillet le 18 juillet 2015.

The creative research is inspired by Hansel and Gretel taking on the ideas of food and memories. We are Inviting guests as participants and as source material. We will be building an installation/performance that brings the guests along a visual, physical, gastronomic or sensorial journey to the past in order to find the present and to understand the future.

Remember Not To Forget
Remember Not To Forget

June 1, 2009

Wow what a beautiful morning to wake up to in Montreal. Will be seeing more dance this week plus will have some answers on some pending questions. Had a great time at Dominique Porte’s fundraiser event for her company Système D yesterday. It was nice to do a little performance for this event and to have danced with some old friends. It was quite a beautiful Sunday brunch celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary. Bravo Dominique!!!