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Foodie cooking weekend!

Had a fun weekend of cooking and entertaining for my friends. We had a great surprise BBQ for my friend’s birthday on Saturday where I invited about 15 people to attend, of course 20 arrived along with their kids!!!!  It was hectic but I managed to feed everyone properly and happily. Made burgers, lamb, sausages, vegie burgers, hotdogs for the kids, grilled marinated courgettes, and a special mashed potato which was in my opinion was ma pièce de la resistance! (loads of great stuff such as garlic, butter, and bacon)  mmmm bacon….

Yesterday for some friends hanging and playing music in my apartment for the weekend, I made one of my favorites, Hainan Chicken. Eat was easy and so tasty. For dinner I made a risotto with shitake mushrooms, carrots, courgetts and would you believe cheddar cheese and surprisingly it turned out fucking beautifully. In the middle of preparing the risotto, I had to run to my friend Lucie’s place for some cheese as I realized that I had no more parmasean cheese in the fridge.  Since she only had cheddar, I had no choice but to take what was available and try it. Using the broth that I made for the Hainan Chicken, the risotto, was as good as any that I have tasted anywhere in the world. Believe you me, I have eaten risotto everywhere. This may come as a surprise but damn, it was good… real good.


Lucid Creativity

I am acknowledging the unknown as I am trying to find my way. Well, that is what I think that I am doing at the moment….  Just turned down a couple of creative projects and currently thinking of turning down two others. Creativity has to come from a real place other than just for the sake of being creative. I am clearing my path of distractions in order to see a clearer picture of what it is that needs to be built. This is what I call lucid creativity. Whether this is about art or just the art of living, it helps to be conscious or be aware of what it is and why it is that we are doing.

Elections – Canadian

So here we go again, gearing up for another election in Canada. Now, the question is does one vote for the best possible candidate or does one vote strategically? I am hoping somehow that there will be a positive outcome (that means Harper and the Conservatives lose this election) but I’m becoming more and more pessimistic. Not sure why this country is leading towards such a right wing direction. How could we as Canadians continue to allow a government with an agenda that has been so closely allied with George W. Bush and not respond negatively? Has he not set an example of incompetence and war mongering already?Not saying the other parties or leaders are that much better but why are continuing down a path of greed and destruction with Stephen Harper. His cuts in culture are absolutely horrible. He might say that his government has increased arts spending yet this is because he has lumped other social programs that were cut into an already unstable arts budget. They are not telling the whole truth so don’t let them fool you again!

Many of us has asked ourselves how was it possible that America voted Bush in for a second term when we appear to be heading on the same path with the Tories?

Lets be smart and vote him out!

Researching Bloodletting and Other Pleasant Things for Dancemakers

Here is an excerpt of the research in February 2008 of the new piece called Bloodletting and Other Pleasant Things that will premier on October 23, 2008 with the Dancemakers Dance Company in their studios. Will be making lots of changes and improve on many things. Got some great ideas and can’t wait to work on them in September and show in Oct.