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Pixiness opening on January 17, 2011

Some photos of  lighting designer/artist Axel Morgenthaler’s light installation at SAT. Congratulations my friend.


Love Montreal!

While walking around just recently, I had a sudden realization of how much love I have for Montreal (my adopted home for the last 17 years! – nuts). This city is remarkable with all of its history, politics, architecture, and language issues. It truly is the most fascinating, contradictory, passionate, artistic, and sexy place in North America… and it is where I call home! My neighbourhood is a melting pot of nations, styles, incomes, and professions. There is an incredible Montrealer and Quebecers pride that one doesn’t find anywhere else in Canada. The people are as diverse as they are the same. They are beautiful, ugly. pleasant. rude, aggressive. fun but not apathetic to their beliefs. Aesthetics, politics, and lifestyles may differ however the majority of us sing, scream, laugh, dance, drink, and fuck with all of their souls! Now that is what I call the spirit of living – Nous sommes vraiment les Bons Vivants. I am proud and happy to be part of and to share this wonderful place with my fantastic friends, family and fellow Montréalers!


Creating Dances and Cooking for the time being

Working on a new work with the Collective DeuxplusTrois=Un (Lucie Vigneault, Judith Allen, and Caroline Sirois). We had a informal showing in December 2009 and since then I’ve made some much needed changes. It is now a half hour piece of pure dance. I’m currently working with a score made up of popular music but that may eventually change if we decide to.  However, I really am quite attached to the work of Montreal’s Patrick Watson as it seems to fit so well with the dancing.  Hopefully we will have a chance to show the work to the general public very soon as it is really good and  fun!

This week we got our chef’s uniform and knives. Will be in the kitchen learning French techniques. Super excited! First we begin with stocks.

Cooking and Creating Dances…. I like that combination…

Culinary Academy on January 11, 2010

Will be starting my culinary training on january 11, 2010. It is coming up very soon and have been looking forward to it for almost half a year now. Very excited and will be keeping you up to date with all of my trials and tribulations. Can’t wait to start cooking baby!!

Choreographic Intensive at l’Ecole de Cirque

I finished a week long creative intensive on the circus students at l’Ecole de Cirque in Montreal. It was a rock and roll, fast, throw it out there experience with these highly energized physical specimens. Loved their ‘freakishly’ amazing abilities and youthful enthusiasm. My main goal for the week long intensive was to choreograph to popular music and to fuse dance with the circus arts. The 3 works had to be created quickly and for me had to be accessible and well communicated to any type of viewer. My biggest challenge was not the time limitation but the fact that I was working with inexperienced talent in their formative stage as circus performers. I needed to remind myself that they were not professionals nor were they dancers and we were still within an educational institution. My expectations were lowered on their dancing abilities however my demand for hard work were never compromised. With a few exceptions, the maturity level was very high. I generally ignored or did not use those who were not generous or open to working ‘professionally’.

The results were quite fun. Got most of them ‘dancing’ and managed to make some very interesting work with these folks. It was a hard but satisfying exercise for both the creators and the performers. I tried to get them out of their comfort zone by choreographing dance while still respecting and integrating their particular art forms within each of the 3 works. I highly enjoyed the experience at l’Ecole de Cirque as it confirmed that creation with hungry artists is always satisfying. The kids were great and it was a blast to discover other possibilities of moving. It was damn fun and can’t wait to see a copy of the video.

Bloodletting and Other Pleasant Things

Bloodletting and Other Pleasant Things

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