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Images from our performance at Ars Electronica Festival 2016 in Linz, Austria

Here are some images of Practices of Everyday Things/Cooking with Navid Navab, Michael Montanaro, and Jèrome Delapièrre on September 8, 2016. We had a very successful run at the largest media arts festival in the world. Thank you for the fun and may we do it many times everywhere soon.

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Practices of Everyday Life/Cooking on tour

I will be performing with Navid Nabab’s Practices of Everyday Life/Cooking at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria and at The Guelph Jazz festival in Ontario, Canada this September 2016.

Cooking, the most ancient art of transmutation, has become a domestic practice over centuries. In this everyday practice, things perish, transform, and nourish other things. By augmenting the meats, wood, and metal, with sound and painterly light, we stage a performance made from the movements and gestures of cooking.

”Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking” is a Comprovisational(1) concert that focuses foremost on poetic gesture-sound correlations and sonic Gesture Bending(2). It is a compositional exploration of the interplay between the senses, poetics of enchantment and materiality, and the ethico-aesthetics of everyday practices. The performance features a virtuosic chef/dancer who wields foods, knives, pans and spices transmuted gesturally into real time sound instruments. Gestural sound compositions and responsive imagery unfold in realtime as the chef playfully prepares a meal with computationally enriched ingredients.

See you there!


9 Times Everyday in 2009

Starting on January 1, 2009 I will be posting 2-9 photos each day for the duration of the new year. The images will be taken between 9 am (-2) to 9 pm(+ or -2) and and will be posted before I go to sleep. The 2-9 images will document whatever and anything that is representative of that period of the day. The -2 in the morning gives me leeway to start shooting at 7 am and the + or – 2 in the evening gives me an option to shoot up to 11 pm or finish at 7 pm. Using the idea of the number 2 represents the #2 in 2009 which really has no real connection nor significance but it will just give me more options to play with as I want to shoot mainly with natural light. I am attempting to make a visual documentation or diary made of images without any text. This will allow the viewer or reader to freely interpret how I see the world and live my life. The images can risk being rather mundane to the potential of being really fun but it should truly reflect how I am seeing things at that moment. The challenge is not to consciously present the best or exciting photographs but the most honest ones. This personal project will be challenging as it requires a bit of discipline to maintain its legitimacy. Will be seeing you all very soon!