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A piece (i think) after 2 weeks of work in Toronto

Well goddamn, I think I’ve got a piece after two weeks of work here in Toronto! As with my past works,  I’m again exploring a dark and intense place. The point of departure of this creation was to explore the states of rage, rants, anger, brutality in society and how it affects our psyche. There is no denying the fact that I’m pushing the limits in this creation with Dancemakers; it is disturbing, offensive, brutal but in the end I hope it leaves the viewer feeling reflective rather than destroyed.  After the showing on Friday afternoon, I believe no one was indifferent to the work or to the dancers’ performance. Some people approached me afterwards and told me how much it moved them, hit them in the gut, and how it left them feeling stunned. There were many who just avoided me, some skipped around the subject of the piece and out of courtesy mentioned certain images that they liked. In reality, the in your face tactic of the piece either captured or turned off the viewer. Some didn’t know how to react to the aggressive nature of the dance and perhaps was not prepared to have their senses assaulted on a Friday afternoon. After watching it with a public, it became obvious where things can be tightened, defined, changed, or even reworked. Overall however, I believe this creation was a huge success in many ways. I was able to explore and push beyond the safety zone because of one thing only; the trust of the dancers. The dancers were so fierce and so willing to go to this place with me and that was the reason why we were able to achieve this with only just 2 weeks of work. Thank you to the generosity of Benjamin Kamino, Kate Hiliard, Kate Holden, Steeve Paquet, Clinton Draper, the dancers of Dancemakers, you rock and it was a privilege to create with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

After the first week of creation with Dancemakers Company

dancing@ Dancemakersdancing@ Dancemakersdancing@ DancemakersCan’t believe I’ve already been here a week working with the dancers of Dancemakers! It has been such a pleasure to work with these generous and hungry interpreters. We’ve been just churning out some awesome material that has been very satisfying to the senses. Been working in a non-linear world of dark fantasies and chaos while subjecting the dancers to various forms of ‘torture’ and as a result, 30 minutes worth of material has been generated. There are still many things to try, manipulate, and change but already there is a ‘piece’ growing out of it. The work has a brooding nature to it but doesn’t feel heavy at the same time. I’ve linked sections together and worked out some transitions on Friday, will look at the video on Monday to determine if it makes sense to me. There are parts that I am questioning and not sure of but it was good to put it all together and to see it as a whole. It has become a very physical dance with lots of changes in rhythms.  I’m excited about where next week will lead me as I want it to go to a sexier, darker, and riskier place! 


I am on a train to Toronto to create a little choreography on the Dancemakers company. For some reason I woke up absolutely exhausted and feeling slightly ‘defeated’.  As soon as I got in the train station, the skies opened up and the sun shone through with its majestic brilliance. This must be significant as the timing to be in Toronto could not have been better as I have been itching to work on what is really important, to create and be an artist once again. I have been realizing more and more how much that I have accommodated for others and actually neglected my own needs or wants. This cannot go on much longer or I will become absolutely resentful and insane!  Everything can all turn to nothing and nothing could all be everything. There are just so many questions to be answered and yet there are never always answers for each question. Just trying to figure out what it is ‘right’ for the moment. To take action and control for a certain moment until the next situation occurs. It is a question of clarity, perhaps just a moment of clarity, clarity for a brief period in time before disorder imposes itself, it is inevitable that it returns in life again and again. It is an ongoing question in life; we can try to steer ourselves towards somewhere but the path seems to always lead us to another destination. Often the destination is not the significant but it is the journey or that act of getting there  is most important.

Winter and dance

Wow it sure has been a cold winter. There has been so much snow here in Montreal this year! The weirdest thing is that it really doesn’t bother me this time. I’ve learned to perhaps like the fact that winter is a wonderful thing. Of course it is the duration of the season here that really annoys me. By the time April arrives, I know that I will be cursing the cold weather. There is a huge season of creating and developing coming up. Really looking forward to working on the Dancemakers company in Toronto! I don’t know any of them except for Kate Hilliard, so this should be a real adventure.  Have tons of images and ideas in my head that I want to try on them. Can’t wait to work them out on those guys in February.

the virtues of patience

As 2008 approaches, life seems to get more and more hectic. New projects, deadlines, and commitments must be met. Sometimes we forget to just sit back, relax and perhaps slow down to see where we are truly going. Take the time to see and tactically achieve what needs to be achieved. Sometimes it is more intelligent to be patient than to rush into something that is not possible immediately. I get so excited about new possibilities that I become a little frustrated when the opportune moments are amissed and perhaps even derailed.