Holy f*&k am I really dancing again?

It has been more than a four years since I’ve danced a whole evening’s show and now I find myself learning a piece in four days in order to perform it in Vancouver.  Louise Bedard Danse called me up yesterday telling me one of her dancers is out with a serious case of bronchitis and needed a replacement asap for her tour of the west coast!!  Tried to come up with some names but everyone was already busy or elsewhere then suddenly out of  left field (insanity most likely)…. I volunteered myself.  Now I haven’t been dancing seriously for  years and my mind has not been in dancer’s learning mode either – there are some serious rust issues here. What  a crazy idea to jump right in to dancing once again and especially in a high pressure short working/learning period.  Louis Bedard’s work is very complicated and dense.  The piece will not be a walk through the park as she packs in so much within an hour and a half.  This piece Enfin Vous Zeste has six dancers, lots of demanding movement, choreographically complicated, and a live musician on stage…. and I’ve never seen the piece until last night on DVD.   Well there is nothing liking plunging oneself into what the world has to offer at each given moment.  Woohooo, lets go for a ride!!

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