After the first week of creation with Dancemakers Company

dancing@ Dancemakersdancing@ Dancemakersdancing@ DancemakersCan’t believe I’ve already been here a week working with the dancers of Dancemakers! It has been such a pleasure to work with these generous and hungry interpreters. We’ve been just churning out some awesome material that has been very satisfying to the senses. Been working in a non-linear world of dark fantasies and chaos while subjecting the dancers to various forms of ‘torture’ and as a result, 30 minutes worth of material has been generated. There are still many things to try, manipulate, and change but already there is a ‘piece’ growing out of it. The work has a brooding nature to it but doesn’t feel heavy at the same time. I’ve linked sections together and worked out some transitions on Friday, will look at the video on Monday to determine if it makes sense to me. There are parts that I am questioning and not sure of but it was good to put it all together and to see it as a whole. It has become a very physical dance with lots of changes in rhythms.  I’m excited about where next week will lead me as I want it to go to a sexier, darker, and riskier place! 


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