I am on a train to Toronto to create a little choreography on the Dancemakers company. For some reason I woke up absolutely exhausted and feeling slightly ‘defeated’.  As soon as I got in the train station, the skies opened up and the sun shone through with its majestic brilliance. This must be significant as the timing to be in Toronto could not have been better as I have been itching to work on what is really important, to create and be an artist once again. I have been realizing more and more how much that I have accommodated for others and actually neglected my own needs or wants. This cannot go on much longer or I will become absolutely resentful and insane!  Everything can all turn to nothing and nothing could all be everything. There are just so many questions to be answered and yet there are never always answers for each question. Just trying to figure out what it is ‘right’ for the moment. To take action and control for a certain moment until the next situation occurs. It is a question of clarity, perhaps just a moment of clarity, clarity for a brief period in time before disorder imposes itself, it is inevitable that it returns in life again and again. It is an ongoing question in life; we can try to steer ourselves towards somewhere but the path seems to always lead us to another destination. Often the destination is not the significant but it is the journey or that act of getting there  is most important.

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